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Worship Beats Vol 1- Sunday Keys Expansion


Worship Beats Vol 1- Sunday Keys Expansion


Worship Beats Vol 1 for MainStage 3 gives you 15 fully customizable drum beats perfect for all styles of modern worship music within our intuitive Sunday Keys interface. 

These beats are designed to give you full control over how they sit in the mix. Bring different pieces in or out on the fly, dial in the character of the beat in advance, and set ANY tempo at the patch level or even in the moment via tap tempo.

Each patch in Worship Beats Vol 1 is pre-mapped to Section 4 of Sunday Keys which means you can play along with up to three full section sounds from Sunday Keys, our song specific patches, or any other MainStage patch within SK.

Use the sounds in Worship Beats Vol 1 to supplement your live band, for stripped down acoustic sets, and as a songwriting/rehearsal tool.

This Sunday Keys expansion pack unlocks features that have never been easily accessible before in MainStage. Feel the beat!

***Worship Beats Vol 1 makes use of the "Drum Kits" and "Electronic Drum Kits" MainStage sound library content. This content is a free download included with MainStage and accessible via the Sound Library Manager within MS3.***


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Mac computer capable of running MainStage 3.3 or higher
3 MB hard drive space
8 GB of ram or higher is highly recommended.  

This expansion pack has been designed for our MainStage template Sunday Keys. While these patches and presets will open in any concert, it is highly recommend that you use Sunday Keys as you will not get full functionality in other templates.

Just like Sunday Keys, this expansion pack makes full use of the Korg nanoKontrol2 midi-controller and/or TouchOSC app but can be easily mapped to use with any other midi controller.


4 Floor 808: Driving, EDM style beat perfect for Hillsong Y&F and modern dance music

4 Floor 909: Another EDM beat with an alternating hi-hat pattern and electro-tom accents

House Beat: Inspired by the percussion grooves commonly used by the band "Housefires" this beat has an acoustic, "sitting around the campfire" vibe

Glitch Beat: Radiohead style percussion with some grit and lots of fun glitches and textures

Blip Beat: A unique beat with a blip sound layered in right alongside the snare

Pure Jam: A chill, driving four on the floor beat featuring an airy clap sample

Hip Beat: Fresh Prince meets Chance the Rapper. Perfect for jamming with a Wurlitzer EP

Worship Circle: Another organic, acoustic percussion driven beat, with lots of room for customization and dynamics

Conga Beat: This beat translates well on both slow or fast songs. Perfect for ballads or upbeat gospel songs

Magic Beat: Inspired by one of my favorite Coldplay songs, this beat is driven by a great kick and snare pattern. Use the glitch delay knob to add interesting subdivision to the hi-hat

Softperc: Relaxed, worshipful percussion that leaves lots of space for acoustic music

Hipster Boots: For all you Mumford folks, here's your obligatory 6/8 beat. Stomps and claps for days

Groove 808: A classic drum machine with a flexible beat. Handles a wide range of tempos well.

Groove 909: Another classic, with a distinct clap sample that cuts through the mix

Cheese Beat: If you got a fever... this Casio inspired beat might sound clique' but that's kind of the point. Use the low and high cut filters to cut out the cheese and find a super modern sounding beat underneath